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How To Get An Accurate Quote From An Electrician
When getting an estimate from an electrician for a Sanilume installation, it is important to give them the correct information so they can give you a better quote. Most electricians will not know anything about UVC fixtures, and may quote a high price to protect themselves from the "unknowns". Here are the main information points to tell the electrician:

1. Each Sanilume installs just like a pendant light:
a) It can be wired into the existing lighting circuit, no new circuit or wall switch is required.
b) It hangs from two aircraft cables with adjustable grippers. All mounting hardware for suspended ceiling grids or drywall is supplied (except for any junction boxes for inside the ceiling plenum)
c) Checking to make sure Sanilume is level: add and extra 5 minutes. 
2. Checking the UVC levels (using the meter as explained below) should take about 10-15 minutes extra per Sanilume. 

We offer a calibrated high sensitivity UVC meter for your installer to use to ensure your space is safe and has themaximum UVC power that Sanilume can provide. You have two options:

1. Purchase the UVC meter from our online store.
2. Select the Loaner Program from our online store. We will send you a meter with a pre-paid return envelope, and will refund the meter purchase price upon the return of the meter in good condition.


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