Why Sanilume Works

We Don’t Play The 99.99% Game.

Most UVC disinfection products advertise that their products kill 99.99 % of all germs. Like most manufacturer's "lab tests", germs in a lab petrie dish are subjected to direct UVC from their product long enough to kill the germs. Yes, UVC does work if you shine it directly on pathogens for long enough. However, this is not the real world, and highly misleading!

1. UVC light inactivates all microbes with a sufficient dosage.

2. Dosage = UVC Intensity x Time In Contact With The Pathogens.

3. Sanilume blankets the air in the upper room areas with UVC with about 3100% more power than a typical upper room GUV fixture.

4. Rising room air convection currents bring the pathogens into the powerful UVC energy field, and pathogens are continously inactivated in minutes.

5. Airborne pathogens are continuously and directly exposed to Sanilume's high power UVC energy field and inactivated!

Every room is different. Predicting a percentage kill rate is not only impossible, but highly misleading! Below is a chart of the approximate effectiveness of Sanilume:



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