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Sanilume Upper Room Air GUV Fixture, 75 Watt Lamp UVC,  120-277V, 
For Rooms Up To 600 Sq Ft. 
Note: Not for installation in spaces with ceilings below 8' 6"

What's Included:

  1. 2 x 1/16” Aircraft Cables, 15 ft.
  2. 2 x T-Bar Hangers (15/16”)
  3. 2 x ¼-20 Bolts/Nuts for Hangers
  4. 2 x 5” Canopies
  5. 2 x Bracket Bars With ¼” Studs
  6. 2 x Cable Couplers For Canopies
  7. 1 x Cable Gland For Canopy
  8. 4 x Cable Ties
  9. UVC Measurement Quick Start Guide
  10. Guide to: Safety Precautions, Site Planning, Installation, Operation, Maintenance


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