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"Upper Room GUV is the most effective of continuously disinfecting occupied Spaces."
- Illuminating Engineering Society

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Introducing SaniLume

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Create safer shared spaces today by using this amazing innovation and game-changer to public health

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Benefits of SaniLume

There is no more guesswork

The WHO, CDC and  Health Canada have confirmed Covid19 transmission through tiny aerosol droplets that linger in the air for hours. 

UVC eliminates pathogens

With the proper use, UVC can eliminate all pathogen, and has been widely used for nearly 100 years. Sanilume has taken the technology to the next level, allowing for a 20’x20’ area to be disinfected about every 2 minutes.

Our solution is tried and tested

The world’s main governing body for lighting (IES) states that “upper room air UVC  is by far the most effective way to eliminate airborne pathogens” and Sanilume is the most effective upper room air UVC fixture on the market.

People Safe Pathogen Inactivation Zone

Using proprietary technology and clean modern compact design, UVC light is directed to a narrow zone safely above people’s heads. Rising convection currents within the room are greatly amplified by our fixture and cycle the air through the pathogen elimination zone many times per hour

Continuous Air Flow


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Coronavirus can commonly spread through respiratory droplets of small particles, such as those in aerosols, which are produced even when a person breathes

Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

Because UVC disinfection kills most recognized pathogenic microorganisms, it can generally be inferred that sterilization and disinfection should minimize the viability of SARS-CoV-19 on surfaces and in the air in confined spaces


Upper room GUV is considered the most effective application for room air disenfection

Illuminating Engineering Society

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Create safer shared spaces today by using this amazing innovation and game-changing to public health

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